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Reducing your development times

CAD (or computer aided design) is an important tool, used by designers and engineers alike, in order to help progress an idea or concept.  Mainly used for detailed 3D modelling of a physical component, it helps to portray a visual representation of the design in 360° views. This visual 3D model is a perfect tool to rapidly test product development, shortening traditional development times of previous drafting techniques.

Once the model is completed it is very quick to make changes as and when needed, also gifting the designer useful data such as mass, volume and simulating undercuts, curvature and draft features, necessary for transferring design to manufacturers. 

Various software also allows the model to be rendered into a photo-realistic image, which can help portray clients concepts to investors

Each project is unique but, using multiple CAD software, we can quickly build up a 3D model which enables us to produce technical drawings, prototypes, and most importantly, collaborate with sub-contractors to progress the product development quickly and efficiently.

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