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If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a prototype is worth 1000 meetings

Prototyping is a necessity in developing a successful product. It enables ideas and sketches to become a tangible, measurable product that helps determine which aspects of the product are suitable, desirable and realistic in the "real world". 

A prototype may be one part of a product, proving the ergonomics and form or even a certain feature, or it may be the full product. Creating a prototype allows both designer and client to evaluate the product before going into full production. What would you do if you produced thousands of units, full confident that you had hit the right cost targets only to discover that one part doesn't work as intended and you have to scrap the entire lot. A costly exercise.


Prototyping fulfils one of the most important aspects of product development - gathering early feedback. Prototyping allows you to collect information at every stage of the development process, testing with production, testing your audience and helping define goals.


Prototyping can also work as a sales tool, demonstrating upcoming models at conferences, meetings and exhibitions to generate sales interest.

We can look at your goals and what you want to achieve in order to advise on prototyping that will get you the results you need early and quickly through various techniques. Using our extensive network, its possible for us to collaborate with others in order to produce more advanced prototypes if this is what is required.

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